Multyculcural Kids

We are the Southwest Center for Pediatric Environmental Health, one of 10 Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units, a network of experts in children’s environmental health located throughout the United States. The SWCPEH serves the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico out of our offices at The Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso, with consultants in all 5 states..

The mission of the PEHSU program is to:

  • Reduce environmental health threats to children.
  • Improve access to expertise in pediatric environmental medicine.
  • Strengthen public health prevention capacity.

The primary means of accomplishing this mission include education, consultation, referral, advocacy, research, and networking. more

Please note that all of our services are free, including the telephone call. Our call center is maintained by the West Texas Regional Poison Center, a bilingual resource of health professionals available 24/7. contacts

We encourage you to contact us with any of your concerns. Although we are not a medical services provider, and cannot offer medical advice for a specific person, we will listen to your concerns and provide scientifically competent information to guide your decisions on any action needed. disclaimer