Our services are offered at no charge.


Education of public health professionals regarding environmental health issues impacting children
  • Telephone consultation on pediatric environmental health issues
  • Educational conferences and programs for pediatricians, family practice physicians, nursing professionals and environmental health professionals using distance learning networks and live presentations at regional health professions meetings
  • A web page providing links to pediatric environmental health resources
Educational services to the public
  • Telephone consultation on pediatric environmental health issues of concern to parents, guardians, or care givers
  • Consultation with your local health care provider regarding management of environmental health issues impacting your child
  • Training opportunities to local, state and regional health departments poison centers, environmental agencies, and community and faith-based groups
  • Participate in limited community-based efforts to educate children directly
  • Referrals to local pediatricians or to our pediatric clinic
Medical Approach - Empowering the Caregiver
  • Consult with the local caregiver as opposed to assuming care for the patient
  • Equip the caregiver with the tools to evaluate environmental concerns through case based instruction providing skills that can be used in perpetuity
  • Maintain the relationship between primary provider and the individual.
  • Equip the caregiver to address similar concerns among others in the community, family, or physician patient population